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Loss Recovery
- On Site Live Auctions are no fun but were necessary for Loss Recovery. They are costly, un-timely, time consuming and, routinely perform poorly.

Storage-Bids.com totally changes all that. We developed a system exclusive to the Public Storage industry. We remove the burdens and time constraints of the On-Site Live Storage Unit Auctions with simple to use, widely accepted On-Line Live Auctions.  On-Line Live Storage Unit Auctions Allow you to have an auction Any Time, All The Time! Fast storage unit liquidation without all the issues of an On-Site Live Auction.

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How Can Storage-Bids.com Assist Me?

Storage-Bids.com can liquidate and help recover your financail losses due to unpaid rents with fast, easy to use Online Storage Garage Auctions or Storage Locker Auctions.   Storage-Bids.com has the experience operating OnLine Auctions! With our systems and over 8,000 currently active online bidders, we can bring the traffic to your sale ensuring you get the highest bid possible.

How Does It Work For Me?

Storage-Bids.com is so easy to operate, you can place a Storage Auction OnLine in matter of minutes. the Storage-Bids.com process allows for fast storage unit liquidation and helps recover your financail losses due to unpaid rents.    Storage-Bids.com has the experience operating OnLine Auctions! With our systems and over 8,000 currently active online bidders, we can bring the traffic to your sale ensuring you get the highest bid possible.

What can Storage-Bids.com do?

           SIMPLE... We bring Results!

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Designed Exclusively To Meet The Needs of The Self Storage Industry

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  • Increased Loss Recovery
    • Faster Turn Around On Auctions!
    • Significant Reduction of Cost!
    • Increased Exposure - More Bidders!
    • Easy for Bidders - Higher Participation!
    • Our Auto Bidding System - Generates Higher Revenues

  • Cost Effective / Economical
    • Low Low Flat Rate Seller's Fee!
    • Associated Fees Removed!

  • Local & National Interest
    • Greatly Expands Your Market Area!
    • Unlimited Bidding Potential!

  • Always Working For You!
    • Bidding Occurs 24/7!
    • Top Rated On Most Search Engines!

  • Un-Changed Legal Process
    • Follows The Same Legal Process
    • Storage-Bids.com is a licensed, Insured Experienced Auction Company!
    • Internet Auctions By A Licensed Auctioner Adhere to Legal Standards.

  • Freedom
    • Your Not Tied To Anyone's Schedule
    • Schedule Auctions at your convenience 24/7
    • Schedule 1 Auction or 10 Auctions
    • Your Auctions Opens & Closes at Your Convenience

  • Self-Serve SIMPLE & FAST
    • Computer Nerds Not Necessary!
    • Process: Take Pictures & Write Short Description
    • Then Post OnLine With Storage-Bids.com
    • Complete Process Takes Just A Few Minutes!
    • Easy to Follow Step By Step Instructions & Hints!

  • Your In Control
    • You Set the Rules To Follow Your Policies
    • Use Our Standard Auction or "Reserve It Now" option
    • We Allow Up To 50 Pictures and Unlimted Descriptions
    • Detailed Ad Listing - Brings Higher Bids!
    • Maintain Your Branding With Your Own Page!

  • Paid In-Full
    • We Collect The Funds From The Winning Bidder For You! Usually within 24 Hours of Auction Closing.
    • Your Paid Before Winning Bidder Cleans Out Unit

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What's The Process?

  1. Register
    • It's Easy & it's Free!

  2. Setup Your Personal Page & Preferences
    • Optional: Setup Your Branding Here!
    • Setup Your Location(s)
    • Setup How You Want To Recieve Payment
    • Setup Your Auction Preferences
    • Define Any Additional Policies or Terms & Conditions

  3. Legal Process
    • Your Legal Process Does Not Change. This is a Public Auction and Should Be Treated As One.
    • Be Sure To List Locations as www.Storage-bids.com

  4. Initial Opening of Storage Unit
    • This is the Most Important Part of your auction. This is where the building blocks of your ad is created. A good listing brings in the most revenue! There are 2 parts to an Auction Listing:
    • Pictures: Take many photos. Our system supports up to 50 pictures and it doesn't really take that much longer to upload 5 versus 25. The more photos the better. Bidders who view your auction listing want to see the items in the Storage Unit at various angles and zoom levels. Don't be cheap in this area.
    • Descriptions: Write a quick paragraph of the contents of the storage unit. The more detailed the better. Also, you can take advantage of our "Auto Description procees that really speeds things up with little to no typing!

  5. Create Your Auction Listing
    • Storage-bids.com allows you to build your own Auction Listing quick and easy.
    • If you want Storage-Bids.com to create you Auction Listing, let Us know!
    • When Creating Your Auction Listing You Can Choose Between Our Standard Auction or set a 'Buy-it' Pricing Element.
    • Standard Auctions: You can set a Reserve Amount and Minimum Bid Increments.
    • We Recommend that you post your Auction Listing after the 1st publishing of the Lien / Auction Notice in your local paper. Storage-Bids.com allows you to set the starting & ending bid times.

  6. Auction Closing
    • At The Time Of Auction Closing, The Highest Bid Is The Winner.
    • The Bidder's Credit/Debit Card or Paypal account is processed by Storage-Bids.com.
    • The Bidder is Emailed a Coded Payment Coupon Upon Bidder's Payment
    • Payment is Transfered via Paypal or Credit Card to Seller's Account.
    • The Seller Recieves A Coded Payment Coupon via Email & Stored In Their Account With Storage-Bids.com
    • The Bidder's Contacts Seller To Arrange Pickup, typically 24 to 48 Hours After Payment Processing.
    • In Some Cases The Seller May Rent Unit Bidder Until Items Can Be Picked Up
    • Seller Picks Up Contents. Bidder's Coupon & Seller's Coupon Must Match. Bidder Picks Up Content and Cleans Storage Locker

Who's Can Register? Get Started - Register to Bid

  • Bidding on Storage Garages & Storage Lockers is Open to the Public - Anyone over the age of 18 can bid as often as they want.
  • To Register as a Seller, You Must Be The Owner, Manager or Authorized Representative of a Storage Facility.
  • To List an Auction (Seller), You Must Be Registered With Storage-Bids.com
  • Agree to Storage-Bids.com's Terms of Use (Fair Practices, General Terms & Conditions)

How Much Does It Cost? 90 Days Free - Register to Auction

  • Registration is Free!
  • Storage-Bids.com Seller's Fee is a simple Flat-Rate 10% of the winning bid amount. Be sure to take advantage ouf our Free offers!
  • Sample: Winning bid amount equals $250, the Seller's fee is $25

Additional Questions?

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