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What's a ‘Storage Unit Auction’?

A Storage Unit Auctions occurs when a self storage tenant abandons or stops paying for the storage locker or garage. The management of the Storage Unit Facility goes through a legal process of obtaining a lien on the content, then auctions off the contents of the storage unit to recover their losses of unpaid rents. Typically a Storage Unit Auction is for the entire contents of the storage locker or storage garge as one unit.

Storage Unit Auctions usually takes place onsite, at a Storage Unit Facility by an Auctioner. At the time of the auction, the locker or garage is unsealed and you and the other bidders are given a total of 5 minutes to view the contents. You are not allowed to enter the Storage Unit, move an item or in anyway distrub the contents. After 5 minutes, the Auctionier will start the bidding process. The high bidder Wins the storage locker and pays the Storage Facility the bid amount and pays the Auctioner what is called a "Buyer's Fee" usually between 10% to 25% of the bid amount.

The Winning Bidder is now the proud owner of the contents of the Storage Unit.

This is a Fun & Very Profitable opportunity for the fulltime operator as well as the hobbyist!
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How Can Storage-Bids.com Assist you?

Although this is a prosperous & fun business or hobby, there are drawbacks to these conventional methods.
See how Storage-Bids.com can help save you Time, Money, Energy with less headaches.


On-Site Live Auctions


Storage-Bids.Com & OnLine Auctions

Live Onsite auctions only provide you a few minutes to view the contents at the same time everyone else is trying to. Most Auctions are listed online for weeks prior to auction closing date!

  No Crowds! - Work at your own speed!
Storage Unit Content? Unknow until a few minutes before auction closes

Literaly, You will need to answer these questions in seconds:

  What's in this storage unit?

  What's Valuable? / What's Not?

  What's my maximum bid?

  Should I bid?
Online Auctions provides detailed previews of the items within the storage unit. Take your time browsing through mulitple photos (many different angles) and review the brief description of the content items.

Our OnLine Storage Auctions allows time for you to do your "due-diligence" making the Smart Decisions!
Live Onsite Auctions: Follow the Auctioner around the lot quickly going from storage unit to to storage unit. Lot to lot

  You must bid within a very short time frame!

  Many times its "hurry up & wait"

  Weather Dependant, Worse if it's NOT!
Storage-Bids.com's OnLine Auctions allows you the liesure to review the auction and bid on your own timeframe.

Be sure to take advantage our "Auto Pilot" automated bidding system and Twitter feeds!
Live Onsite Auctions:

  Unnesessary travel takes time & expense =

Profit Killer!

With Storage-Bids.com's OnLine Auctions, you only bid on the auctions you want to, then drive to pick up your winnings or arrange shipment!
OnLine Storage Unit Auctions = Higher Profits • Saves Time • Less Hassle & Stress!

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Who's Can Register?

  • Bidding on Storage Garages & Storage Lockers is Open to the Public - Anyone over the age of 18 can bid as often as they want.

Who's Can Bid?

  • Open to the Public - Anyone over the age of 18
  • Be Registered with Storage-Bids.com
  • Agree to the Terms & Conditions of each individual auction and the General Terms & Conditions of Storage-Bids.com
  • Be able to travel to the Storage Facility to pickup contents

Rules? Get Started - Register to Bid

  • These are the general rules governing auctions with Storage-bids.com. Please refer to Storage-Bids.com's Terms & Conditions and, each Storage Lot management may have additional requirements as listed on the auction itself.
  • The Storage Lot Manager, prior to loading the auction into Storage-Bids.com has performed all the legal requirements allowing items to be auctioned.
  • Registered bidders may place as many bids on the individual storage auction between the opening and closing times as they wish without charge. A bid is a contract between the buyer and the seller (owner of the Storage Lot). By placing a bid and winning the auction, you have entered into a legally binding contract. Bids may not be removed once placed.
  • Upon winning the auction, the winning Bidder will be charged via Credit card / Debit card or Paypal the amount of the bid plus 10% buyer's fee. If you do not have a payment option on file with Storage-Bids.com or the transaction was turned down, Bidder has 24 hours to honor bid.
  • The winning Bidder upon payment will recieve a coupon to present to the Storage Lot owner to claim the unit's contents.
  • Each Storage Lot owner has their own timeframes (listed within individual auction) that the contents of the storage unit must be removed in their entirity and unit sweeped out. Cleaning fees and/or storage fees may apply for unit not vacated.
  • The laws vary from State to State but generally, all legal documents, photos and financial information must be returned to the Storage Lot Management.

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  • Registration is Free!
  • When you win an Auction, Storage-Bids.com adds a simple Flat-Rate 10% Buyer's Fee to the bid amount automatically.
  • Sample: Winning bid amount equals $250, the buyer's fee is $25 for a total of $275

Additional Questions?

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